arcoPlus® VT Façade
Modular connector system made with arcoPlus® polycarbonate UV-protected panel, accompanied by special accessories designed for realizing ventilated facade and cladding façade.

It is a modular system consisting of multiwall polycarbonate panels snap-fitted with aluminum profiles, and fixed to the masonry walls using special brackets that ensure the surface flatness. It has been designed using 3 different types of panels in order to provide the most suitable solution for each project requirements, always ensuring high energy performances and aesthetic potential.

  • Advantages
  • [{"term_id":912,"name":"High load resistance","slug":"elevata-resistenza-al-carico","term_group":0,"term_taxonomy_id":912,"taxonomy":"punto-forza","description":"","parent":0,"count":8,"filter":"raw"},{"term_id":915,"name":"Aesthetic design solution","slug":"estetica-di-design","term_group":0,"term_taxonomy_id":915,"taxonomy":"punto-forza","description":"[:de]http:\/\/\/_wp\/wp-admin\/edit.php?post_type=sede[:]","parent":0,"count":2,"filter":"raw"},{"term_id":916,"name":"Easy and low-cost installation","slug":"facilita-ed-economia-di-posa","term_group":0,"term_taxonomy_id":916,"taxonomy":"punto-forza","description":"","parent":0,"count":21,"filter":"raw"},{"term_id":919,"name":"Thermal insulation","slug":"isolamento-termico","term_group":0,"term_taxonomy_id":919,"taxonomy":"punto-forza","description":"","parent":0,"count":22,"filter":"raw"},{"term_id":923,"name":"Resistance to UV rays and to hail","slug":"resistenza-ai-raggi-u-v-ed-alla-grandine","term_group":0,"term_taxonomy_id":923,"taxonomy":"punto-forza","description":"","parent":0,"count":24,"filter":"raw"},{"term_id":933,"name":"Light transmission","slug":"trasmissione-della-luce","term_group":0,"term_taxonomy_id":933,"taxonomy":"punto-forza","description":"","parent":0,"count":27,"filter":"raw"}]
  • High load resistance
  • Aesthetic design solution
  • Easy and low-cost installation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Resistance to UV rays and to hail
  • Light transmission
  • Applications
  • Ventilated façade
  • façade cladding

Production standards

684 | 626 | 9207 | 9327
Thickness 8 | 20 | 32mm
Structure 4 | 6 | 7 walls
Effective modular width 600 | 600 | 900mm
Panel length No limits
Available colors Vedi pagina 11


Thermal insulation 3,3-1,7-1.3 W/m 2 K
Acoustic insulation 18-20-21 dB
Linear thermal expansion 0,065mm/m°C
Temperature range -40°C +120 °C
U.V. rays protection Coextrusion lato esterno
Fire reaction EN 13501-1 EuroClass B-s1,d0
  • Titolo testo aggiuntivo
  • Xerianti nulpa non ea nossuntibus mod eature nisquam velibus cusdae ditibus venderit omnis aditat quaes anist, officil et optis eum dolore num et ius ratio volupta testiunda inistibus natectent, volut idigenis accaboria sitiust oruptiusdae volut labores equam, ea nullori sequati onsequo es eumquis auditis doluptati quo ipicabo. Hendenti re, ernam evelit.
  • Certifications
  • ArcoPlus626 VT facade Document techique application N°2/13-1551 published on 14/08/2013
Special treatments
Load resistance

Multi supports
  • arcoPlus® VT facade
  • arcoPlus® VT facade
  • arcoPlus® VT facade
Easy installation
PL = A + 80 mm
A = opening measure
PL = A - 40 mm
A = opening measure
PL = A - 50 mm
A = opening measure
Assembly details
Focus on Alu end-profile cod.4589 to finish the lateral extension of the polycarbonate cladding
panels with AR-ABSOLUTE treatments suitable to build cladding façade thanks to their fully covering property
The Caleido project and the new Double-Color extrusion techniques have been developed especially to carry out design projects and urban redevelopment where colors can give a new life to buildings
Detail on fixing solution with Alu ‘L’ + ‘Y’ brackets to secure the chassis cod.4243 to the behind supporting wall
Realization of wall’s edge/angle making use of cod. 4588+2550
detail of Mounting accessories about arcoPlus®626 vertical cladding base using profile cod.4271
cod. 4140/C
Al base/side snap profile for th.8 mm (+flap)
cod. 4271
Al base/side profile including flap 4140/B
cod. 4800
Al base/side/upper profile with TB for th.32 mm (+flap)
cod. 1169/B
Slip-coat rubber seal strip
cod. 4809 (+4800)
Al base/side straight flap
cod. 4819 (+4800)
Al upper straight flap with drip sill
cod. 2550
PC corner 90°cover-profile (+4588/4738/4740)
cod. 4589
Al end profile
cod. 4327
Taping Surcharge
cod. 4950
Taping surcharge
cod. 4831 (+4800)
Al base straight flap with drip sill
cod. 2712
PC end profile (th.32 mm)
cod. 4828
Flat plain aligner for base TB profile (th.60 mm)
cod. 1372
Internal PE base dripping eave
cod. 4870
Fixing lower eclipse for 9327
cod. 4970/600
Al closing edge strip drip-free for 684 (th.8 mm)
cod. 4974/600
Al closing edge strip drip-free for 626 (th.20 mm)
cod. 4976/900
Al closing edge strip drip-free for 9327 (th. 32mm)
cod. 4801 (+4800)
Al upper curved flap with drip sill
cod. 4804 (+4800)
Al base/side/upper curved flap
cod. 4807 (+4800)
Al base curved flap with drip sill
cod. 4899
Al rear pad (arcoPlus9327)
cod. 4805+4808
Al horinzontal joining profile with TB for oversize heights with straight drip sill flap for 9327 panel
cod. 4802+4803
Al upper snap profile with TB for oversize heights with special straight flap for 9327 panel
cod. 4755/4742/4743/4275
Al Flaps (h.30,60,75,100 mm)
cod. 4974/900
Al closing edge strip drip-free for 9207 (th.20 mm)
cod. 4260
Fixing higher eclipse for 684/626/9207
cod. 4871
Al “L” wall fixing bracket (+4760)
cod. 4760
Al “L” wall fixing bracket (+4871)
cod. 4740 (+2550)
Al corner profile for 9327 (th.32 mm)
cod. 4588/4738 (+2550)
Al corner profile for 9207/9257 (th.20 mm)
cod. 4243
Al connector profile 32 mm (straight)
cod. 1169/B/AGS
Overlap Slip-coat rubber seal strip
cod. 4213/4465
Tampone PE-LD (dim.40x35x580;40x35x875 mm)
cod. 2147/2179/2710
PC starter profile (th.8-20-32 mm)
cod. 2148/2180
PC terminal profile (th.8-20 mm)