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Architect @ Work 2019 / Parigi / Torino / Milano
Save the Date: Anche quest'anno dott.gallina protagonista presso la prestigiosa fiera legata al mondo dell'architettura e del design Architect @ Work. Un'eccellente occasione per s...
Thermal insulation as value of our new products...arcoPlus®6410 e poliCarb®10mm5w
Going forward in this new 2019 year, a series of solutions have been launched on the market having as common value the THERMAL INSULATION: both poliCarb® multiwall sheets range and arcoPlus® modular...
progetto COPERTURE: nuovi servizi a supporto della qualità ed essere più vicini al cliente
In previsione della stagione primaverile in cui iniziano i lavori di molti cantieri di riqualificazione, la dott.gallina capisce le esigenze dei suoi clienti e lancia una nuova campagna riguardante i ...
A journey with 16 stages to discover ITALIAN excellence
WHAT DRIVES YOU? is an initiative born from the collaboration between the Peugeot brand and the newspaper Il Sole 24 ORE. Peugeot asked 16 Italian entrepreneurs how excellence is born? What are the go...

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Discover all real application opportunities for applying the most suitable product for each project
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Achieve a sustainable value by installing translucent polycarbonate systems and consider energy/economic savings of your project
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