To ensure compliance with snow load and negative wind load resistance requirements, anchor brackets should be fitted for each purlin.

The polycarbonate panels are fastened to the underlying structure using specific

brackets, which must be anchored to the purlins using suitable self-drilling/self-tapping screws (on metal structures) and tap bolts (for wooden structures). These screws and bolts are not supplied.

Different connector profiles can be used, depending on the required load specifications.

system with aluminium connector

system with polycarbonate covergasket

Fixing systems

For the installation of the arcoPlus«626revers˛, system. Follow the illustrations to the right.
The fixing of the polycarbonate to the structure below it must be carried out using purpose-made stainless steel brackets, fastened to all the purlins with self-perforating, self-threading screws (on metallic structures) and mordant (wooden structures).
To close the ends of the panels use a transparent polycarbonate blocking profile, while the covergasket profile has a stopper.
In the case a aluminium connector profile is used, this allows for the tightening of screws, in order to guarantee a perfect hold for the whole system.


1 - Plane anchorage of panel to structure 2 - Vertical anchorage of panel to structure
3 - Clicking in the cover gasket 4 - Insertion of block on the outside of the panels and closing stopper on gasket cover
5 - Final view of polycarbonate covergasket 6 - Final view with aluminium connector

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