arcoPlus«1000, is a complete system for the construction of transparent wall and coverings with a series of accessories for all purposes. In addition, the system comes with a complete group of fixing elements, a "tongue and grooveö connection, a plane connection for resistance in the overlapped areas, and steel accessories used as bracing brackets to increase load resistance, and a special profile to install in the reinforcement area, in correspondance of the ôgrooveö side of the panel.
A flat profile to put adjacent to the other profiles completes the set of accessories.
Panels are normally delivered with thermowelded sides.

Silicone products

Use of policarbonate compatible silicone products is recommended only in case of increased water proof reliability, reduced slope, windy areas or if air tight and dust proof conditions, are needed.


Cod. 4234

Alu. cap with gasket

Cod. 4233

Fixing screw 6,3 x 120

Cod. 4229

Gasket M/F (2 pieces)

Cod. 4250

Gasket for gutter


Protected steel profile in AZ 


Central bracing bracket


Sealant tape
PE 20x10


Roof profile (2 pieces)