MODULAR system of Multiwall polycarbonatefor false ceilings and partitions WITHOUT UV PROTECTION


arcoPlus«613 is a modular system commonly used in civil and industrial buildings, for new buildings as well as for maintenance and restoration operations. It consists of coextruded triple wall polycarbonate panels with a "N" structure, and a thickness of 10mm, with a ôtongue and grooveö connection.


  • Easy and low-cost installation
  • Self-supporting
  • Light transmission solar factor
  • Heat insulation


Vertical installation and ceiling installation made with modular multiwall coextruded polycarbonate panels with external UV ray protection, a thickness of 10mm on the entire section. Thermal transmission coefficient K = 2,7 W/m2K, obtained through air chambers within the panel (minimum 2).

Thickness 10 mm
Structure 3 walls
Modular width 605 mm
Panel length No limits

Thermal transmittance 2,7 W/ m2K
Linear thermal expansion 0,065mm/m░C
Use temperature -40░C +120 ░C
U.V. rays protection COEXTRUSION
Fire reaction CLASS1 (Italian on request)

COLOUR Light transmission (LT) Solar Factor (SF)
Satin Crystal 76% 81%
Satin Opal 58% 65%

COLOUR cod. arcoPlus«613
Satin Crystal 2141/5028
Satin Opal 2141/5015

Values below refer to product installed according to the technical Handbook Reccomendations.

Maxload on two supports

Distance between supports is shown in the table that follows.

  Admitted distances
Load 80 (daN/mq) 1.000 mm
Ceiling 1.200 ¸ 1.400 mm