Resistance to U.V. rays and hail

The external surface of panels and sheets is coextruded with high UV-ray absorbing polycarbonate, which filters sunlight and reduces aging of the product assuring high resistance to UV rays, accidental crashes or hail damage, even after long exposure to the sun.

Thermal transmission

The particular multiwall structure of Arcoplus and Policarb gives high heat insulating value to the products.

Solar factor
(method ISO 9050)

As for heat insulation, the solar factor value is closly related to product structure.
While incoming sun radiation is reflected, part is absorbed and directly transmitted through the inside surface of the product.
The solar heat gain coefficient is the ratio between the total energy transmitted inside (considering all the conductions) and solar radiation.

Light transmission (ASTM E 903-82)

The use of high-resistance pigments (opal, bronze and green) mixed with the polycarbonate allows for different light transmission.

Self extinguishing

Both modular panels and sheets belong to Italian CLASS 1, since they are product that melt without contributing to fire spreading and flame feeding.